by 'sabella

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angerique Mashing together genres is the new thing to do, but it doesn't mean it's always done right. Thank you 'sabella for doing it right! Favorite track: CLOSED.
Aaron Greer
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Aaron Greer So fucking good. So fucking different. Favorite track: CLOSED.
Christopher Santizo
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Christopher Santizo Seriously impress me more and more with every release. And they just prove to me more each time why they're my favorite band.
Luis Safa
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Luis Safa Fucking Love These Guys!!
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released February 21, 2017



all rights reserved


'sabella Elmira, New York


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Track Name: CLOSED

There are some things i just won't give up
Recall you hoping that I'd fit right in
While you cleaned your glasses
I sat in silence and wanted to go back home
I fell asleep on the bathroom floor
I Kept a halo around me
I cut the lines real clean
I'm ashamed of myself
There are some things that I don't want you to see
Would it be worth the time
To call you up and get high tonight
Toss the rock in the kief
Put the torch to the piece and it's a mask of me you'll see
We share the bathroom as we brush our teeth
You tell me your scared of dying and I'd have to agree
Bathed the foil in fire
Leave me alone man I'm tired
I'm swear i just want some sleep
Im slowly sinking away please don't follow holding my breath into tomorrow
Drinking this bottle down to the bottom
Searching for a feeling I will never find
never find, in this light
And I swear, I swear that I'm sorry
I'm too far gone it's too late to save me
I've lost my sight fucked up priorities
Searching for a feeling I will never find.
Track Name: DOORS

Have I become the sun isolated in daylight
Am I the moon, blue and cratered by turns for you
Facing phases of black mazes under my bedsheet again
I feel so anxious for nothing
don't wanna go out in public
All of this pressure that's building
I take it out on my loved ones
This pain grows deep I feel it down
in my stomach, I know I can't keep running
From the ghosts inside my head
And all this baggage I'm lugging
Mother fucker.. don't let me fall under, I'm down so low I'm drowning in the gutter
I got bags under my eyes cause I ain't been sleeping
With these demons round me dancing, I don't know if I'm dreaming
So much on my mind no I can't even think straight.
I haven't left my room in what feels like a week straight.