Never Home

by 'sabella

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cris you can play this over and over again and still feel like its new, you never will get bored with 'sabella
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Euclid 'sabella may only have a dozen or so songs at the time of me writing this, but they are easily one of my favorite bands to come out in the past few years. Their music is consistently smart and technical without any of the members ever having to really show off. The aggressive and angst-y lyrics fit perfectly with the manic vocal delivery to create a sense of emotional vulnerability. Never disappointed with these guys Favorite track: Collapse.
Armand Paypay
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Armand Paypay Never a dull second fuckin with sabella!!!! Favorite track: Collapse.
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released September 5, 2016



all rights reserved


'sabella Elmira, New York


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Track Name: Separation
I can not take this, I've been living a lie
Running in circles, god im losing my mind
Do you feel the fire and iron thats burning in my eyes
broke down and beaten, god damn I swear its the last time that
misery will get the best of me
just give me time to find my feet
this isolation drags me under
separation from the rest
I am everlasting
My ancient aching swaying frame
against the breaking of the waves
I was the glass inside the pane
you ran and left me shaking
so I tried to change my ways and take the path the others made
the cobbles shifted with my weight it wasn't hard for me to slip
abrasive, impatient, I broke both wrists upon the bricks.
Track Name: Split Lip
But the mutha fucka left
and here I sit, still spitting blood from the hits
I dug my own grave, and now im swimming in shit
what the fuck, what I have I done
who is this looking back at me, who have I become
fuck no no I cant take it, my god Ive had enough
my whole world is shaking, this shit never lets up
one by one all you mutha fuckas left
you couldnt bear the strain
you couldnt stand the test
you're just like all the rest
well I dont need you in my life to be happy
In fact im better off in this walk alone
with just the few friends I have right beside me
... Never home.
Track Name: Collapse
Lately Ive been feeling like im never enough
I swear im on the brink of just giving it up now
I try to run but my legs wont work
I try and smile just to cover the hurt
the weight I carry has become to much to bear
my back is breaking and aching
while im just gasping for air

am I as cold as youd ever hoped
My stones last thrown and worst known
Misbehavior my savior, baby let me go
and know the serpents secrets my interest
and borrowed blood is my surplus
lemonade again against the thunder

Oh break me down, just let my body fall
and crash like thunder underneath them all

I swore id never let up under this fucking pressure
lost endeavors, when did i lost my sight
I didnt measure the neccassarry effort
I guess I couldnt ever let the feeling fade
and now im lost, no where to go, no one, nothing to call my own
Let me break down, just watch my body fall
as I crash like thunder underneath them all
Just let me breath, oh set me free, let me rest my hollow body